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Joseph M. Hoeffel Resume & Biography
Montgomery County Commissioner (1992-1998, 2008-present)
Joe Hoeffel currently serves as Vice Chair of the Montgomery County Commissioners, with both legislative and executive authority for county government with a $500 million budget and 3,400 employees.  Joe’s top priorities are economic development in older communities, traffic and planning improvements, and better delivery of human services.

During his prior terms as commissioner, Joe fought for open space preservation, community revitalization and reforms of patronage and pay-to-play abuses in the courthouse.

Attorney in Civil Practice
Murphy, Woodward and Haskins, Norristown, PA | 2008-present
Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C., Philadelphia, PA | 2005-2007
Three Montgomery County law firms | 1986-1998

Deputy Secretary of International Business Development,
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (2006-2007)
Joe Hoeffel managed the state’s Office of International Business Development and was responsible for implementing Governor Edward Rendell’s World Trade PA initiative to expand exports for our businesses, attract new foreign investment into our communities, promote the use of our ports, and improve Pennsylvania’s global competitiveness.

United States Congressman (1999-2004)
Joe served three terms in Congress representing Pennsylvania’s 13th District.  Hoeffel was a member of House Committees on International Relations, Budget, Science, and Transportation and Infrastructure.  He twice served as U. S. representative to the annual parliamentary assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Joe brought a public health center to Norristown, helped establish the Center for Sustainable Communities at Temple University-Ambler, and secured funds for the Schuylkill Valley Metro, Title I education, riverfront development in Norristown and Northeast Philadelphia, the Montgomery County Community College and the Abington Arts Center.

Joe introduced legislation to eliminate wasteful corporate welfare, to reform federal support for public schools, to establish a patients' bill of rights, to create a modern day Marshall Plan for  economic revitalization in the Middle East and Eurasia, to reform the Medicare prescription drug plan for seniors, and to slow suburban sprawl and make our communities more livable.

Joe was a strong proponent of a vigorous role for the United States in international efforts to bring peace to the Middle East and throughout the world.  Joe founded "Iraq Watch" in Congress and made 30 speeches on the floor of the House urging changes in our military and foreign policies in Iraq.

Pennsylvania State Representative (1977-1984)
Joe served four terms in the State House, representing the Abington area.  He worked on budget and government reform, mass transit, economic development and programs for seniors.  The first bill Joe passed in the state House in 1978 was a campaign reform proposal improving financial disclosure.  Joe supported women’s reproductive freedoms and opposed the 1981 Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act.

American Red Cross (1975-1976)
Administrator, Central Montgomery County Branch, responsible for budget, staff and programs.

Army Reserves (1970-1976)
Temple University School of Law, Philadelphia, PA | J.D. 1986
Boston University, Boston, MA | English Major, B.A. 1972
William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, PA | 1968
Joe has been married for 30 years to Francesca, a registered nurse with a Masters’ degree in public health nursing. They have two children: Mary, age 28, and Jake, age 25.

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